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Frosty Boy Global at FHA - Food and Beverage Singapore Expo 2024

Innovation, Inspiration, and Ideation: A Global Success Journey

Frosty Boy Global at FHA - Food and Beverage Singapore Expo 2024

Innovation, Inspiration, and Ideation: A Global Success Journey

Get ready to chill out with Frosty Boy at the FHA Singapore Expo from April 23rd to 26th! As a proud participant in this prestigious event, Frosty Boy Global is thrilled to showcase its innovative products as part of the AUSTRADE Australia Pavilion and the CITY OF GOLD COAST. Our main stand will be at the AUSTRADE Australia Hall 8, Booth 8E3-01, where we’ll be unveiling our latest offerings and engaging with industry professionals. Additionally, you can find us at our minor stand within the CITY OF GOLD COAST exhibition space, located conveniently at Hall 8, Booth 8A5-01, just a stone’s throw away from our primary location. Join us for a taste of excellence and discover why Frosty Boy is the talk of the town in frozen treats! This year are not only showcasing our products but are here to network and forge new partnerships. So join us as we unveil our latest innovations and engage with industry professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.

Welcome to Frosty Boy Global

At Frosty Boy Global, we’re on an extraordinary mission to revolutionise the dessert and beverage landscape. With a legacy spanning over six decades, our Australian heritage and innovative spirit drive us forward. This year, we’re excited to showcase our expertise and our latest culinary creations at the FHA Food and Beverage Singapore Expo 2024.

Join us as we highlight the best of our versatile powdered blends, known for their flavour, innovation, and unparalleled quality.

Our Brands

Frosty Boy Australia has been innovating soft serve ice cream since 1976. Our know-how coupled with a worldwide supply chain enables us to create the best soft serve…..well that’s what our customers tell us!

A range of premium beverage powders especially crafted for passionate makers of bespoke hot or cold artisan drink delights. Create and innovate any flavour you can imagine with our delectable powders that can be used with recipes to create even more captivating taste experiences.

Our Brands

Monalisa is Frosty Boy’s premium and most versatile frozen yoghurt range. Intricately formulated with the right balance of sweetness and tartness, to complement fruit, chocolate, and different contemporary flavours.

Wellboost™ is high in nutrients and is developed as an addition to recipes and sweet or savoury meals. It can also be enjoyed as a plain dairy drink by adding water or low-fat milk.

Frosty Whip is a powder blend that turns into an amazing, luscious, and cloud-like whipped cream by just adding water. This whipped cream is perfect for beverage toppings, frozen desserts, bakery and cake decorations, just like cream. 

Frosty Boy: A Gold Coast Icon

Nestled amidst the surf and sand of the Gold Coast, Frosty Boy emerges as a beacon of Australian manufacturing brilliance. Established in 1976, Frosty Boy has become synonymous with the sweet side of the Gold Coast, a city celebrated for its stunning beaches and vibrant tourist life. This Queensland gem has woven a narrative as rich and delightful as the desserts it produces, evolving from a humble local enterprise into a globally recognised brand.

Frosty Boy has carved a niche in the production of powdered base products essential for crafting soft serves, frozen yoghurts, slushies, and a variety of other refreshing beverages. With time, the company’s repertoire has grown to encompass an extensive array of toppings and syrups, designed to meet the diverse and changing preferences of a worldwide audience. From its Gold Coast roots, Frosty Boy continues to spread its wings, bringing a taste of Australian joy to the global stage.

Why Frosty Boy Stands Out

Learn About Our Brands

From our iconic Queensland roots, Frosty Boy Australia offers a delightful range of Soft serve mixes, Thickshakes, and customised blends. We’re bringing our tradition of taste and versatility to the global stage.

Frosty Boy is where dessert dreams and creamy creations come to life! From versatile powdered mixes for soft serves and thickshakes to our customisable Inspire range and holistic vegan options, we’re your one-stop shop for fun, flavourful desserts and beverages.

Our signature brand brings elegance and a luxurious touch to your desserts and beverages. Art of Blend represents the pinnacle of deluxe powdered dessert and beverage solutions. Our exquisite range promises creativity and sophistication in every sip.

Art of Blend stands as a hallmark of richness and elegance, offering premium powdered bases that effortlessly blend into your favourite beverages, promising a smooth, luxurious taste in every sip. With us, every drink becomes a masterpiece of flavour, designed to elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As the crown jewel of Frosty Boy Global our vibrant brand Frosty Whip is crafted with quality and innovation, our premium cream base powder mix is designed to elevate your sweet creations from ordinary to extraordinary. It is the perfect addition for cafes and bakeries aiming to redefine dessert and beverage excellence.

Discover the transformative power of Frosty Whip and make your menu unforgettable.

About FHA - Food and Beverage Singapore Expo 2024

FHA-Food And Beverage is Asia’s premier international food & beverage event, showcasing a vast array of products and innovations. With over 70% direct manufacturers and a platform for new-to-market innovations, FHA provides invaluable insights and opportunities for the global F&B community.

Join Us at FHA Singapore Expo 2024

When: 23-26 April 2024 | Where: Singapore Expo, 1 Expo Drive, Singapore 486150

Frosty Boy Global invites you to a taste of innovation and craftsmanship. Visit our stands in Hall 8 to experience our delightful dessert and beverage solutions firsthand:

  1. Stand: Hall 8, Booth 8E3-01
  2. City of Gold Coast Stand: Hall 8, Booth 8A5-01

Dive into our world of delicious possibilities and start your flavour journey with us. Discover why Frosty Boy Global continues to be a leader in the dessert and beverage industry.

Visit Our StandExperience the Taste of Innovation

Join Frosty Boy Global at FHA SINGAPORE 2024

Don’t miss Frosty Boy at FHA SINGAPORE 2024! Visit us at the AUSTRADE Australia Hall 8, Booth 8E3-01 and CITY OF GOLD COAST Hall 8, Booth 8A5-01 from April 23rd to 26th for a taste of innovation. Dive into our delicious soft-serve desserts and cutting-edge beverage solutions. There’s something for everyone. Start your flavor journey with us today at FHA!

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