Discover Frosty Boy Global's Exciting Showcase
at Gulfood 2024!

Gulfood 2024 is here and Frosty Boy Global is ready to make a splash at this prestigious event! As the leading international food and beverage exhibition, Gulfood provides the perfect platform for Frosty Boy to showcase its unrivaled manufacturing capability, innovative product range, and commitment to delivering excellence to global markets. From February 19th to 23rd, join us at the Trade Center Arena, stand S-K59, as we unveil our latest innovations and engage with industry professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect from Frosty Boy Global and its various brands.


At Frosty Boy Global, we are on a mission to redefine the dessert and beverage industry through our versatile powdered blends that pack in flavour and innovation, backed by decades of R&D expertise. Our showcase at Gulfood 2024 will highlight our manufacturing prowess, our decades of experience in creating only the most delicious powder ingredients which means that your customers experience the best solutions.

With a history spanning almost 61 years and a commitment to Australian Made Quality, Frosty Boy Global is your trusted partner for consistent supply and unparalleled taste experiences.


Frosty Boy, our iconic brand from Queensland, Australia, provides memorable soft serve mixes, thickshakes, along with other various products. We do an inspirational customised range too! As a leader of great-tasting versatile products, Frosty Boy is dedicated to showcasing our comprehensive range at Gulfood 2024, emphasising our ability to customise and innovate. Our powder blends are not only adaptable and cost-effective but also boast a longer shelf life and easy transportation, since you’re not paying for water.


Art of Blend, the crown jewel in the Frosty Boy Global family, epitomises luxurious powdered blend solutions. Set to dazzle at Gulfood 2024, our brand offers an exquisite range of beverage products, each infused with unparalleled innovation. Tailored to satisfy the most discerning palates, our offerings range from opulent frappes to invigorating smoothies, marrying creativity with sophistication to transform every sip into a lavish experience. Art of Blend stands out by delivering elegant experiences, catering to diverse tastes with flair. Revel in the richness that Art of Blend brings to the table, where every beverage is a masterpiece of flavour and luxury.

Join Frosty Boy Global at Gulfood 2024

Don’t miss Frosty Boy at Gulfood 2024! Visit us at the Trade Centre Arena, Stand S-K59, from 19th to 23rd February for a taste of innovation. Dive into our delicious soft serve desserts and cutting-edge beverage solutions. There’s something for everyone. Start your flavour journey with us today at Gulfood!