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Over 45 years of supplier partnerships, exporting to over 65 Countries

Leading R&D and Innovative Solutions

Proven Consistency and Continuity of Supply

Delivering High-Quality Ingredients

Australian Owned and Made

Customisable Product & Packaging Solutions

End-to-End Product
Expertise and Capability

Our decades of experience in creating only the most delicious ingredients means that your customers experience the absolute best product solutions.

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We’re trusted by global food brands

We deliver the highest quality ingredients to some of the most beloved brands in the world. We ensure our products are of gold standard by partnering with the best suppliers in the industry, regularly taste-testing, and maintaining the familiar flavour that every Frosty Boy fan loves.

Our Brands

Frosty Boy Australia has been innovating soft serve ice cream since 1976. Our know-how coupled with a worldwide supply chain enables us to create the best soft serve…..well that’s what our customers tell us!

A range of premium beverage powders especially crafted for passionate makers of bespoke hot or cold artisan drink delights. Create and innovate any flavour you can imagine with our delectable powders that can be used with recipes to create even more captivating taste experiences.

Our Brands

Monalisa is Frosty Boy’s premium and most versatile frozen yoghurt range. Intricately formulated with the right balance of sweetness and tartness, to complement fruit, chocolate, and different contemporary flavours.

Wellboost™ is high in nutrients and is developed as an addition to recipes and sweet or savoury meals. It can also be enjoyed as a plain dairy drink by adding water or low-fat milk.

Frosty Whip is a powder blend that turns into an amazing, luscious, and cloud-like whipped cream by just adding water. This whipped cream is perfect for beverage toppings, frozen desserts, bakery and cake decorations, just like cream. 

We Invent Global Deliciousness

Our culinary experts are based globally and travel extensively to seek out the timeless and trending taste profiles to incorporate and deliver as a product that’s sure to be loved.

We live to create. We love to collaborate.

Frosty Boy provides END-TO-END Capabilities to develop unmatched PRODUCT SOLUTIONS that drive BUSINESS REVENUE.