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If you think your product doesn’t look or taste right, please follow these steps:
1. Make sure you are following the cleaning and sanitising procedure as stipulated by Frosty Boy.
2. Check you are following the recommended storage steps. See Can I store pre-prepared soft serve / frozen yoghurt mix?
3. Check you have followed the mixing instructions for your product. Please refer to the product website / mixing instructions tab.
4. If you have completed the previous three steps and haven’t found the possible cause of your problem, please record the following details from your product package: date of manufacture, best-before date, lot / batch code, time and product code.
5. Contact your Frosty Boy distributor or Sales Manager and provide them with the above details and an explanation of why you think your product is below standard.

Yes, you can. However, you need to check whether your local health code permits it. You also need to ensure Good Management Practices (GMP) are followed when handling re-runs. Make sure to drain out any leftover soft serve mix into a sanitised container. Place the lid on to the container and store the mix below 5 degrees until the next day. Don’t freeze it. You must not save any mix leftovers for longer than two days in conventional machines. For heat-treated machines follow your equipment manufacturer guidelines.

As long as your local health code permits it, you can leave mix in your machine overnight. You also need to ensure Good Management Practices (GMPs) are followed when handling ‘re-runs’.

To do so, you need to leave your machine ‘on’ and set the dial control to ‘stand by’. It is recommended you drain the product and re-feed it into the machine before re-use. This is to avoid the product separating.

You must not save any leftover mix for longer than two days in conventional machines. For heat-treated machines, follow your equipment manufacturer guidelines.

Follow this list regarding ‘re-runs’:
• Ensure your local health code permits this practice.
• Ensure GMPs are followed.
• Place your machine on ‘stand by’ overnight.
• Designate a container and a whisk to be used exclusively for soft serve mixing and storage.
• All implements to be in contact with the mix, such as a container or whisk, need to be sanitised prior to use.
• Re-feed the mix into the machine before serving.

Please refer to the product website / mixing instructions tab in the main menu under products.

‘Overrun’, or ‘aeration’, is the amount of air that is whipped into the freezing product. This is achieved by the folding action of the beaters inside the soft serve / frozen yoghurt machine.
If you could look inside the barrel of your machine, you would see that it is never actually full. It is normally filled up to 70% with liquid, the rest is air. The produced overrun is one of the main differences between gravity and pump machines. Pump machines will produce up to 50% or 60% overrun whereas with gravity machines the overrun will be between 30% and 40%.

Frosty Boy does not have any raw materials or products containing gluten on site. Although it is unlikely gluten will be present within our products; the products are not tested to confirm “no detectable gluten” and therefore Frosty Boy cannot claim all products are gluten free.

Yes, all our products are Halal certified.

Yes, our products are suitable for vegetarians as we use no meat containing ingredients.

Most of our products are not vegan as they contain milk products but we do have a VEGAN range.

There could be many reasons behind your soft serve not holding its form. Your soft serve machine may be short of gas. In this case, you will need a technician to review the issue. Contact your local distributor to request a technician visit.

Another reason might be related to your machine’s scraper blades being blunt. The best way to prevent this from happening is to ensure plastic blades are replaced every three months and metal blades, every six months.

Yes, if your health codes permit it. It is, however very important to throw away any leftover mix and start with a completely new mix at least once a week (for all non-pasteurising machines). This is to prevent bacteria growth.

No. Some operators believe adding extra water or milk to soft serve mix will allow for more cones, however, it can break the machine.

Adding extra water can cause the machine to freeze resulting in broken or bent beaters, a broken freezer door or scarred freezing cylinders.

A heavy cone is a soft serve cone with little or no aeration. A normal soft serve cone’s total volume consists of between 25% – 40% air, giving it a light and fluffy texture.

No, unfortunately we cannot offer a dairy-free product because our manufacturing plant contains dairy products.